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Hey Everyone!
I've been gaming on a core 2 duo e6600, which has served me well until recently, when I've noticed that I'm getting bottlenecked by the 2 cores and 2.4 ghz. I cannot overclock because my motherboard has a northbridge heating problem (nvidia 5 series SUCKS), so I need to get a new CPU. I think my HD 4870 should be fine, I already have 2 hard drives, and i (obviously) have a case.

What I would probably need would be the new CPU, motherboard for the CPU, and all new RAM. I definitely want Intel, and I'm thinking I7, but what do you guys suggest? It'd be great if this could be had for $600.

Thank you in advance.
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  1. I think that the core i5 would be a better choice for gaming with 2 or less video cards. Its price for performance is much better then the i7, unless you have a microcenter near you that has the i7 at $200 ;) .
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