PC speaker clicking on startup

Finished assembling my new system a few days ago. Upon starting up clicks are heard from the PC speaker (not beeps), which repeats 8 times. Hard drive activity LED flashes with every click. This happens before POST, after which system boots normally. Been running the system for a few days and everything seems fine, except for some random serious HDD activity when idle. Clicks are also heard when resuming from standby.

Any thoughts on this?

System specs are:
AMD Athlon II X4 630 2.8GHz
Gigabyte GA-M720-US3 NVIDIA nF 720D motherboard
Sapphire Ati Radeon HD5770 1GB
2 x Kingston 1Gb DDR2 800Mhz in dual channel mode
Hitachi Deskstar 7K1000.B 1TB
Samsung DVD±RW, SH-S223C
AXP Powersupply ATX 630W
Logitech Cordless Desktop ex 100
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  1. Quote:
    Nvidia chipset on an all AMD system?? Why?

    Are these USB speakers?

    The Nvidia chipset stems mostly from a cost perspective, the motherboard was offered at an attractive price from the dealer.

    The sound is heard from the PC speaker, thus plugged into the header along with the hdd activity LED, on/off switch, reset, etc.
    Speakers plugged into the on board sound are behaving as normal.
  2. Its Just your PSU Voltage Dimming. Nothing To serious, maybe should have gone for a different brand though

    Good Luck, Happy Computing :D
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