Netgear n600 usb hard drive with no network

I need to have a hard drive available on my router (with it's own DHCP addrss), that will allow me to access it from any of my sy stems, at least the ones on that router. I DO NOT WANT, nor have a "network" set up! I only want to access THAT DRIVE from the different systems. If I wanted a network, I wouldn't have a problem, but I don't!
I called WD and spent 2 hours having to explain to 3 techs and 2 supervisors that the Internet IS NOT a "network"! They could not understand computers hooked to a router without a network, OR that an Internet connection didn't automatically mean you had one! WHAT happened to the "technical" in technical support?
Does anyone have info on how I can do this now? In the 80's and early 90's, it would have been easy! Now, we have to have so many "extras" and "networked" accessories, no one understands simple computer terms anymore!
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  1. You sir dont understand simple computer terms. The internet is a network, and the fact you have multiple computers attached to a router give you a network already. What that router is doing is splitting an internet connection into mutliple connections, when doing this it gives each computer an adress. Multiple computers connected with adress's is a network. Enjoy
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