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Hi, I have a Biostar TA890FXE mobo, no OS currently installed, and a blank/unpartitioned hdd. I am trying to update my BIOS because I keep having issues installing Windows 7 (and XP) and I read that you have to update your bios if you have a 6 core cpu (AMD Phenom II x6 1055 or 1075 here).

I managed to get to the bio-flasher utility screen after pressing F12 in the POST, downloaded the bios utility file from Biostar's website, and put the unzipped file on my USB. However, the utility isn't recognizing any files and the Status window in the middle of the screen says "No possible bios file found. Press any key to try again." I've tried taking everything out of the file but that doesn't appear to work either.

I was trying to install the Bios utility that I found here: but there are other files in the drivers section that I also need and have not installed. I'm not sure if the drivers are supposed to come before the bios utility though.

I can't install Windows 7 or XP, but I have Windows Server 2003 installed right now. When I try to install the motherboard drivers, it says that "the device can't be found."

Anyone have an idea of what's wrong here?
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  1. Hello,

    Is your USB key formatted in FAT32 and DOS bootable ?
    Have you also verified if you can't update your BIOS from the OP ? It is a lot easier that way.
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