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Hello, im pretty sure my PSU just died, I want to make sure its my PSU rather than the motherboard. I did a fresh install of windows and installed all of the drivers, as soon as I started the windows performance rating, my system just turned off, not a normal shutdown, the power just cut off on my computer. Nothing would happen when I pressed the power button. So I turned the PSU off, then I turned the PSU back on and turned the comp back on, but it would only turn on for about a half second, then again the power button would do nothing.

I plugged the power cored into a different outlet, reset the CMOS, im about to take the MOBO battery out for about 20 seconds to see if that does anything, but I doubt it will.

Are these sure signs of a dead PSU?
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  1. At a glance, it sounds to me like the power supply did not have enough power for your system. Since it seems broken afterwards, it appears it overloaded so it must not have the protection that good quality units have. I'd say yeah, most likely a PSU failure.
  2. It has plenty of power, I have a thermaltake 1200W, I guess it just died...

    I have an OC'd i7 950 and two OC'd GTX 480's what power supply do you suggest for this set up? im looking at these:





    Im worried that the one enermax PSU will not have enough power for all of my OC'd parts, also down the road when I get waterblocks on my 480's I plan to up the voltage on those for a higher OC. Also, I dont know much about silverstone, do they make good PSU's?

    This is the power supply I have now, should I just RMA it?

  3. Well I did some reading on that silverstone PSU and it seem to be getting excellent reviews. Plus it gives me some headroom if I wanted to get a third 480 down the road.

    I may just buy that one, I love thermaltake but this is the second PSU ive had from them that has died. My old computer had a 680 watt thermaltake PSU that died, and now this one. Maybe time to try a different brand?
  4. thermaltake doesnt make very goof power supplies. i would say that the silverstone 1500w will do a very good job for your system.
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