Major probles just from switching cases

I recently changed my case from a Cooler Master to a Corsair Vengeance. I did not change any components or settings at all I simply switched everything from one case to the other. When I first powered on the case, the start-up screen did not pop up. So I checked all the connections and tried it again. This time, it froze on the start-up screen.

Long story short, I cannot get my computer to load up because it either hangs on the start-up screen, or it hangs on system repair, or it hangs on loading from safe mode. I even tried booting from a different disc with an operating system (used with all these components before) and it did the same thing. When I disconnect all my hard drives, it does not even go to the start up screen. I also reinstalled the RAM.

To make things more frustrating, I even cleared the CMOS and set my bios to boot from my ODD so that I could load a new operating system but it does not boot from my ODD.

So in summary, I cant get safe mode, a fresh install, or resetting my bios to work in any way and all I did was switch cases. Any suggestions.

One last thing worth mentioning is that I sometimes have to disconnect the power supply and then reconnect it before the MOBO will turn over.

CPU: Phenom II X 4
GPU: GTX 480
RAM: 2 x 4Gb DDR3 Corsair XMS3
PSU: Kenter 900W
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  1. well it does sound like it could be a dodgy psu, did you wear an antistatic wrist band while handling the mobo cause that elimintes a lot of risk
    900w is a bit overkill for your system if its a decent psu, I recommend any of these 2 psu for your system or
  2. I was thinking that it was the PSU as well because I do not have that good of a quality one and I do run 2 GTX 480's in SLI (they are pretty power hungry)... Do you think 900 watts is still overkill for 480 in SLI?

    I did solve the problem though, I flipped this switch on the MOBO (I was just trying anything at this point) that said core unlocker and then my computer loaded right up. I flipped the switch back and its still running fine. I have no idea what that switch is for because it did not seem to have any effect on my cores when I went to overclock my CPU in the bios...

    I swear that some motherboards are possessed....

    Let me know if you think 900 watts should be enough for 2 480's because I often get the BSOD when I use Kumbustor to stress test my GPU's but it is just fine when I attach one to a different power supply (using the paper clip trick).
  3. Im glad you have solved the problem, a second 480 makes a big difference, so don't get whst i suggested, here fill in this page you can make an informed choice from that
  4. That is a cool app... and according to its specifications 900W should be plenty... I think my PSU is just crappy.
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