Aopen EZ915-T missing cage...

Hi guys, im having a bit of a nightmare.
Bought an aopen EX915-T, and built it up with all my spare parts kicking around.. just for a downloading work horse.

Anyway, it hasnt come with the hdd/fdd/dvd drive cage.. ive contacted scan, and they can only offer me a refund.. ive also emailed aopen, waiting on a reply.

I dont want to sent the system back, because it was only £80 and will do what I want perfectly. Is there anywhere I can get a cage from to do the job? If aopen cant do anything for me?

Im thinking about making a cage, but, this is a bit of work.
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    thats the system for anyone who wants to look at it..

    I got 2Gb RAM, 1x300gb SATA, 1x500Gb SATA, DVDRW, PCI WiFi Card..... etc
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