Upgrade my Xfired HD 512mb 4850's?

Hi all,

I currently run 2 512mb Radeon HD 4850s' crossfired on a Asus P5Q Pro Mb with 4gb ram.
I run my games pretty well at 1680 at a decent fps, generall on medium settings.but I would love to play smoother and more stable with good fps at 1900x1200. Is my only legit upgrade right now to shell out $400 for a 5970 or gtx280 in order to see a substantial performance gain? I borrowed a 1gb 5770 and was not impressed. Is my mb restricting me now? Do I need to suck it up and go with a new $400 card?
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  1. http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/system-builder-marathon,2581.html

    Read that and see how your 2 4850's play against "newer tech" in games.

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