Overclock speed fluctuations

I overclocked my X6 1045t To 3.13ghz. However i noticed when running prime, my voltage runs on 1.160 and the speed goes down to 1600mhz. after about 15 seconds it rises back to 3.1ghz and 1.260V and vice versa. What can be the problem

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  1. Overheating.
  2. noidea_77 said:

    Im running at 32 degrees in all cores (37 degrees max) with prime95
  3. That's the wrong temp! The cpu temp is important. The core temp is always wrong for AMD with all the tools.
  4. Speecy, Everest Ultimate and HWmonitor says the same thing. Anyway I resolved it to be the mobo throttling down due to thermal limit. Thanks anyway
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