Buy ssd?

i have two choices:
1) buy i7 2600 without ssd
2)buy i5 2400 with ssd sata III
what would be different?
will the difference be big or i wont feel it??
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  1. buy a 3450 with a ssd.
    3450 is the newer ivy bridge of the 2400 sandy bridge.

    ssd is worth it, really is awesome.
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    ^^agreed. People that are not making this upgrade really baffles me. Let me ask you a question. What good would a more expensive and faster CPU do if it's going to be constantly waiting on data from the hard drive? If you really look at the numbers and see how many cycles and how much time cpus have to wait on a HDD, its pretty crazy.

    Just looking at access times alone, not read and write speeds (which are much faster too).

    HDD--> access time ~5-7ms

    SDD--> access time ~0.07ms

    Might not seem like a big difference, but that is TWO whole orders of magnitude faster. Meaning an SSD can access data 100 times faster than an HDD.
  3. what you mean when saying "access time"?
  4. Hard drives and solid state drives are simply storage devices. When the user makes an action that calls for data the drive device has to retrieve that information. The time it takes for the drive to search and retrieve that data and hand it off to the cpu is access time. Here is some info on the subject.
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