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I have a m3a78-em mother board 3200 graphics ati hybrid crossfirex most of the games say at least ati9200 to play mim setting what do i need to do to get better graphics Sorry iam not very smart about computers. can i just change what i have or add to it help colin
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  1. Uhm... It kinda depends on your PSU. If you don't want to change it (PSU = power supply unit, the thing that gives electricity to your PC) then you're limited to a serie of cards, wich will be better than what you have now, but not as good as the cards wich need "extra power".

    Also, how much money are you willing to spend?

  2. enough to make it work 150.00 how do i find out my psu
  3. If you can open your case, the big square thingy that gives you lots and lots of cables is the PSU (usually on the top or bottom). On the side, should be information about power in terms of volts, ampers and some other misc info. Look for the +12V info (that's 12 volts rail) and let us know about it. If there's no info, look for the brand and model.

    Now, USD$150 can get you a nice card, so it's up to the PSU if it can handle it.

  4. it say 200 ww and 3.3 volt output 135w
  5. also it is a dell power supply
  6. Uhm... It's a close call for a 5750 or anything on that league. I wouldn't recomend a card with auxiliary power for that PSU.

    My suggestion is: Get a little more money for a good PSU (around 40-50 bucks more) and you'll have a good rig for quite a while.

    If you can't wait nor can't get more money, then i recommend getting a 5670.

    You can browse on this link and look for a card that you like.

  7. okay i can swing around 230.00 so what do i get and how easy is it to put in or should i have someone do it thanks colin
  8. What is your current monitor resolution ( example: 1440x900 or 1024x768), colin? And what games do you play?
  9. 135w
  10. 1680x1050 mostly first person shooters now iam playing call of duty
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  12. Here's a combo deal that fits right to your $230 budget.
    and you get to save $30 from mail in rebate for a net cost of $200.

    If you got a friend who knows how to put together computer parts then you may seek his help in case you are nervous. But if not, you can watch a lot of "how to do it videos in youtube" for a step by step PSU replacement & video card installation.
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  14. thanks i will see what i can do
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