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I know I'm going to get shot down with this one, but I think it's been resurrected in my head after reading about the XBOX laptop. I've a couple of old LCD screens from an old Dell and HP laptop where the graphics card/motherboard has gone kapputnik. I've read that it's more or less impossible to hook the monitor up to a DVI/VGA connection to use it as an external display, but considering these guys used it on an xbox 360, it must be possible. Does anybody have any idea how it's done or have schematics on the cables to show what connections they should go to on a dvi/vga and power for the LCDs?
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  1. I did read an article well it was a long winded readers letter actually asking pretty much the same thing as you are asking.
    The magazines response was that while its technically possable you would need some pretty amazing soldering skills to do it.
    As you say it must be possable technically to do it but to what degree its worth it or how good it would look is debatable.
    Its a good little prodject and i wish you luck with it if i find anything out i will drop you a line.

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