Need help with standby S3 and Asus motherboard

Hi all,

I just spent good 4h+ trying to figure out my issue.
Basically I have S3 set in BIOS and every time I send computer to standby mode when I try to wake it up fans and HD starts to spin up and after ~7 seconds it goes back to sleep mode with power LED flashing.
Can someone shed some light and give me some ideas?

My setup:
Intel C2D E6600
ATI X1950PRO 256MB
4 X CORSAIR TWIN2X2048-6400
OCZ 60GB SSD (boot drive)
Samsung 1TB

Any help is appreciated!
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  1. What OS are you on ? Have you tried setting the parameter to S1 instead of S3 ?
  2. Thanks for the reply!
    Yes, I have. S1 leaves all fans on which is same as leaving computer on.
    This is HTPC with win 7 64 bit home prem.
  3. You may refer to these MS articles and . These are the only MS KB articles I could find. Hope these help.
  4. 1st link applies more to me. With 2nd link I never get to login screen. Computer starts to boot but screen remains black. I will try hotfix when I get home and will post back results.
  5. That did not solved my issue because computer never stays on after coming out of standby it just goes back to standby.
    Any other suggestions are appreciated!
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