Cannot update update graphics drivers

I have sony Vaio NR21 Z
2.10 Ghz
3 Gb Ram
Nvidia 8400M GT

I cant seem to update my drivers on this card, the only drivers i can install are the orginal drivers made by sony them selves, ive since upadted to windows 7 32 bit professional. If i try to install drivers from laptop video to 2, or from nvidia site. It just says setup cannot find any hardware compatable with your hardware, thats when its there and with the sony drivers installed. Even uninstalthe drivers and try it will not work. This has come about because i recently bought battlefeild bad comapany 2. And it will not run properly. i need it to run Dx 9 but when i switch it to this and load the game it just puts a massive blank cone of pixels on the screen. It runs fine with dx 10 but the frames are a little low for playing it. Anyone have any ideas ?
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  1. I'm assuming Sony doesn't have Windows 7 drivers for the 8400M GT? If that's the case, I'd suggest using the Vista drivers, if you find them from Sony's site. Some laptop makers intentionally limit what video drivers their customers can install, to protect them from doing anything "stupid".

    Your alternative is to find a way to trick your laptop into not telling NVIDIA's generic driver that it's an OEM device; Google is your friend.
  2. But the drivers are something like 1.57 way way out of date, the orginal vaio ones that came with it for vista are the only ones that will install. But i think the outdated drivers are what cauing problems with my games
  3. The 8400M is not a very strong card so it by it self may be causing problems with your games, specially the newer ones.
  4. its not the best but it was never as it was now, my brother machine has a lower card from the 8400m seris and it runs it fine thats there weird thing
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