My cmd is showing just \

my cmd is showing "c>" if i type path it shows no path found.. cd command also not working.. how can i come to sub directories..?
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  1. can you do a

    cd \windows
  2. When you look in My Computer, does the system show up as being in C:\ or is it in, maybe, D:\? Sometimes, if CD doesn't work, CHDIR might do but you need to leave a space between that command and the target you want to hit so it could be CHDIR c:\windows.
  3. Emerald said:
    can you do a

    cd \windows

    it is showing invalid diretory
  4. shruthi_76 said:
    it is showing invalid diretory

    If this is a PC can you pop one side off and carefully put a finger on the hard disk to feel if it's spinning? If it's a laptop, is there any slight vibration or sound to indicate the disk is working? What happened when you tried chdir c:\windows?
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