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I'm in the process of researching for hardware to build out a VM Lab and was wondering if going with the Dual CPU route would make sense.

There will be about 10 VMs running simultaneously as such:

1 VM for Domain Controller

2 VMs for SharePoint 2010
2 VMs for SQL Server 2008 (testing clustered sql setup)

2 VMs for SharePoint 2007
2 VMs for SQL Server 2008

1 VM for running web services, etc...

I will probably be adding more VMs (running Oracle DB) as I'll be doing more development, testing and demos...

On each VM I will have Windows 2008 Server and Visual Studio 2010 installed.

On host I will run Windows 7 and using VMWare workstation or server.

For these VMs i will be RDPing from a laptop on the home network to use them..

Also, I would like to also do some gaming as well along with video editing... i'll be also doing web design using Flash, SilverLight and graphic design as well...photoshop, after effects....

So please let me know what is out there as far as the motherboards supporting dual CPUs... and I'd like to know if I could use dual Intel i7 procs?

I really don't know much about what's new nowadays in the hardware arena... so please provide me with your feedback... please let me know if dual CPUs is overkill for what I'm trying to accomplish...

thanks for reading and your feedback.
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  1. You can't go with dual i7 CPUs, for a dual processor system, you will have to go the AMD Opteron or Intel Xeon route for that. Go to newegg.com (link below) and look at server/workstation class mobos to see your choices. Good luck!

  2. GOLGeek... thanks amigo... i will look at that list. Anything i should look at in particular? Anyway, u've pointed me to the the place where i can make some good decisions! thanks!

    malmental... thanks 4 ur feedback... but like i mentioned, i'll be building out VMs so I can specify the number of CPUs to allocate to a VM or VM cluster... so wouldn't a dual cpu be useful in this case?
  3. cool thanks chief! i'll look into that recommendation.
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