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Hi Guys

I need help identifying the mobo

On Post is says B1WM1/B1W2M Model

On the motherboard it says the same printed on the circuit.

The chipset is an Intel 810

Hard Disk is 10 GB segate

OS: none

I am trying to update the bios as I am getting C-MOS Checksum error.

Please help.
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  1. Try unplugging the power supply and resetting the bios by removing the board battery for one minute. Check all your connections to the floppy, optical and hardrives. Use cd>hardrive for boot order. After the bios is reset, you should get instructions on which key to use to enter the bios at the post screen. Set the boot order; save and exit. cpuz will also help you id the board; it's a small file and a free download. I don't recommend a bios flash on such an old board; they're too hard to replace.
  2. I can enter the bios , it just has a problem with the C-Mos as it says defaults loaded and cannot save info. I have flashed P3's fine as well as P4's with no problem. I have replaced the C_MOS Battery with still no avail. I have anotherboard which is a Gigabyte P4 which won't flash which says unknown flashtype and I got another P3 board which has a better chipset which I will install today. I will sell the problem board as I don't have patience for that type of thing.
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