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Hello. Just wondering if anyone had any experience with UPS Damage Claims. I recently had computer, which I had custom built by me, shipped to my new address from my old address. I had them package it at the UPS Store, it was insured. The shipper actually took a picture of the unit at the store, in which it was intact. When I opened it up the intel cpu cooler was off and the case window and other components were scratched. I took pictures.

While the box does not look that bad, it system was clearly was in good shape beforehand. Furthermore with replacement of the CPU cooler, the unit just gives about 1/4 second of power but then will not start up. So something else it up. Should I get an estimate for repairs at a computer shop (UPS generally wants to ship it for inspection soon after). At this point I don't want to mess around to much with it because I don't want to give UPS excuses but I have no way of knowing what's up with it. I am also wondering if they will ship it back to the original shipper, as that would defeat the whole point of me shipping it.

Any one have any advice on how to go about this?
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  1. I haven't had to deal with UPS on a problem like this, so I would at least start the process with them. Explain to them that you built it and there is no one to ship it back to or repair it without a fee.

    As far as the technical problem, I would say it's likely that something came unplugged/unseated. Once you get the go ahead from UPS to try to fix it, go through a rebuild (i.e. take it all apart and put it back together). If that doesn't fix it, it's likely that something was physically broken or one of UPS's processes fired the electric parts.
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