Diagnostic or hardware profile tool needed

I'm new to this forum and just put together a brand new machine with DDR3 RAM. I don't know much about RAM speed and am hoping to learn by reading a lot here.

And now my question:
Can anyone point me in the direction of some kind of software tool that will give me the speed my RAM is running at and all that kind of system information? Because one thing I do know is I bought RAM that is supposed to run at 1600 and when I poked around in the BIOS I ~think~ it isn't, but I'm not sure how to tell.


I'm running Win 7 64-bit
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  1. Just look at it in BIOS. There is a whole screen dedicated to the RAM (or possibly the RAM and CPU together). You may need to set the speeds manually. Read the motherboard's manual for details.
  2. If you really need something within Windows, check out CPU-Z. However, as MadAdmiral mentions, what it says in the BIOS will be accurate.
  3. In most bios' you can select to Run the memory using profile1. Most systems will boot setting the Ram to a default setting normaly 1066 or 1333. At work so cannot tell you the parameter. If Your MB does not allow you to select Profile 1 then you will need to manually set the Cl x values and the Dram voltage.

    You can secify the MB and someone can point you or just look in the MB manual under the BIOS setting.

    As coldsleep said, CPU-z (a free download) will show you what the Ram is currently running and what the available options are (ie CL x vs what voltage is required.
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