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I would like to get some advice about a video card, currently I have an old machine the specifications are:
1.Intel Celeron at 1.4
2.256 of RAM (could install max. 512)
3.Running windows XP
4. Three spare PCI ports
The video card would only be used for streaming HDMI videos and I'm also planning to install XBMC. One model I saw was the POWERCOLOR AP4350 512MD2-H Radeon HD 4350 512MB model AP4350 512MD2-H which is the only PCI card that offers HMDI

I would appreciate any help
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  1. Even if you do upgrade your GPU, your CPU will still be too weak to play HD-quality video without it skipping, even if you max out your RAM. Time to save for an upgrade, my friend!
  2. +1 to r_manic's comments
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