Power supply upgrade

My current specs:

CPU - AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+ @ 3.1Ghz
Motherboard - GA-MA780G-UD3H
Hard drive - 500GB - sata
Graphics card - Nvidia Geforce 9600gt 512MB
RAM - 4GB ddr2
2 DVD/RW drives - 1 Sata. 1 IDE.

Power Supply:
A-Power 650 Black Label - 650W (about 3 years old) and now I find out it only had a 15 day warranty!!

I'm upgrading CPU to an AMD Phenom II X4 Quad Core 955
And my Graphics Card to an ATI 5850 – Maybe Gigabyte

I don't know how much life my PSU has left, so can you recommend one?
I want warranty (not 15 days), preferably 650W or above and short circuit protection.

I have a tight budget, and $100 is my max price for a PSU

I shop at these sites:

Is this one any good?
Thermaltake Litepower 700W ATX Power Supply

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  1. Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

    Dont get the litepower version of thermaltakes PSU, get the toughpower version like a 650W. These PSU's have a better rail output . If your new to this concept than you'll find out that this comes in handy when you'll want to run a crossfireX or sli setup.

    They are also rated at 80+ gold/silver, which means the PSU is power efficiant meaning lower bills and less heat from the PSU when your not stressing the PC.

    All branded PSU's have a warranty of at least a year or a maximum of 3 years. I dunno where but i saw a PSU having a 10 year warranty period, lol, Chinese cabbages.

    within your sites, you should raise your budget to $200.That being said, check these out:

    1| (675W)

    2| (775W)

    post back here.
  2. Whew that MSY website makes my eyes hurt! My number one choice on CentreCom site ( in stock ) would be the Corsair 650TX for $127. Second would be the Antec TruePower New 650 for $134. If they have it the Antec Earthwatts 650 for $102 would also be a great choice.
    If you look around then stick to Corsair, Antec , PC Power and Cooling, Seasonic or Silverstone and you will be fine. For a 5850 you will be fine with 500 watts ( more is fine).
  3. If you are thinking about not to do CF, here you have some good options for you:

    ANTEC EarthWatts 650W (by Delta Electronics) ...102,30$
    CORSAIR VX550 550W (by CWT) ...104$
    ANTEC TruePower New 550W (by Seasonic) ...109$ (modular)
    SEASONIC S12II Bronze 520W ...109$
    CORSAIR TX650 650W (by Seasonic) ...119$

    If you want to do CF with two 5850 in the future, I recommend you to go for one of these:

    ANTEC TruePower New 650W (by Seasonic)...134,20$ (modular)
    CORSAIR HX650 650W (by Seasonic) ...145$ (modular)
  4. Ok I had to make my eyes uncross to see where he got those prices and that MSY site is cheaper. I guess they choose not to pay anyone to design a useable website and save money that way. That might be the worst site I have seen since the late 90s when everyone was into colors like that lol. Anyway Henry is right on with those recommendations. There is actually more to choose from on that aweful site.
  5. Yeah, sorry anort3.
    Maybe you should use the old blue and red 3D glasses for the real experience.

    They seem like very decent PSU's, but yeah they goes beyond my budget.

    ANTEC EarthWatts 650W (by Delta Electronics) ...102,30$
    I might buy that, unless you mates suggest something

    And what makes it different to this, can't they both do crossfire? They are the same watts aren't they?
    ANTEC TruePower New 650W (by Seasonic)...134,20$ (modular)
  6. Best answer
    The ANTEC EarthWatts 650W has been made by Delta Electronics which is one of the best PSU manufacturers nowadays. However, take in mind that it only has two PCIe connectors (one PCIe 6-pin and another PCIe (6+2)-pin connectors) so you will need an adaptor to be able to handle two 5850 in CF, which is not recommended. Multi-gpu is limited to cards that require only one pci-e power connector each. The PCIe connectors are joined to take 12V3 all to themselves (25A). There are three independently regulated +12V rails in total (2x22A + 1x25A).
    It presents two Taiwanese capacitors in the primary from SamXon (270µF 450V @ 85ºC) and a mix of Japonese and Taiwanese caps in the secondary(Rubycon, Chemi-Con, Ltec and Taicon).
    Its voltage regulation is very good. The ripple and noise suppression is good enough.
    It has high efficiency and thanks to it, the PSU keeps itself cool as well. Moreover, it performs quietly (the fan is an ADDA AD1212HB-A71GL, which is a high quality one)
    It has 3 years warranty.
    Considering the affordable price, the Antec EarthWatts 650 is a great choice if you are not going to do 5850CF.

    On the other hand, the ANTEC TruePower New 650W presents a higher efficiency (80 Plus Bronze certified) and very good voltage stability (voltages are close to their nominal values) and ripple and noise supression. It has been made by Seasonic, which is an amazing PSU manufacturer. One of the best without any doubt.
    It comes with semi-modular design (it presents some cables permanently attached to the PSU). It supports even two very high-end video cards (two 5850 included) that require two power connectors each due to the four (6+2)-pin PCIe connectors. They get the power from two 25A rails (all for themself).
    There are four independently regulated +12V rails rated at 22A (two of them) and 25A (the other two) which are over current protected. The max. combined +12V rating is 54A (648W).
    All electrolytic capacitors are Japanese from Chemi-Con (in the primary there is one capacitor which is labeled at 85º C while the caps in the secondary are labeled at 105ºC). In the DC-DC converter they have used solid aluminum capacitors. This PSU is based on a DC-DC converter on the secondary (in charging of converting the +12 V output into +5 V and +3,3 V). This is the same concept used on the Seasonic M12D 750W and the CORSAIR HX750. It increases the overall efficiency of the power supply.
    The PSU performs rather quiet. It has a 120mm double ball bearing fan from ADDA (AD1212HB-A7BGL). It is a high-speed fan with a maximum rotational speed of 2200RPM. The fan speed is automatically controlled by the internal component temperature due to an onboard PWM speed controller.
    Finally, It has five years warranty.
    In summary, this is a very reliable product with very good overall performance. Taking in mind the affordable price, the ANTEC TruePower 650W is a great choice if you want to do CF with two 5850.
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  8. Lutfij said:
    @ help -computer - something to sleep on :) ^^^

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  9. Henry Chinaski said:
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  10. @ Henry - I should have an avatar as "special" as yours, since your staring at the sky like a turkey does when it rains.

    Dude, lighten up.

    Seasonic M12-II 80plus Bronze 520 $115

    Antec TruePower 550 / 650 $109 / 137

    Antec EarthWatts 650 $103

    Corsair VX550 / TX650 $104/118

    best they got

    Seasonic X-series 80plus Gold X-650 / X-750 $219 / 249
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  13. Thanks people.
    I'll be getting the ANTEC EarthWatts 650W (by Delta Electronics) ...102,30$ as I believe the 5850 has enough power and doesn't need to crossfired..... well, for now.
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