What would you change?

COOLER MASTER Storm Sniper SGC-6000-KXN1-GP Black Steel, ABS Plastic, Mesh bezel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case - Retail
Item #: N82E16811119194

Western Digital Caviar Black WD1002FAEX 1TB 7200 RPM SATA 6.0Gb/s 3.5" Internal Hard Drive -Bare Drive
Item #: N82E16822136533
Return Policy: Standard Return Policy $119.99

2 BFG Tech BFGEGTX2851024OCBE GeForce GTX 285 1GB 512-bit GDDR3 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready SLI Support Video Card - Retail
Item #: N82E16814143190
Return Policy: VGA Standard Return Policy -$40.00 Instant
($349.99 each)

CORSAIR CMPSU-1000HX 1000W ATX12V 2.2 / EPS12V 2.91 SLI Ready CrossFire Ready 80 PLUS Certified Modular Active PFC Compatible ... - Retail
Item #: N82E16817139007

Mushkin Enhanced Redline 6GB (3 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) Desktop Memory Model 998691 - Retail
Item #: N82E16820226050
Return Policy: Memory Standard Return Policy $279.99

GIGABYTE GA-X58A-UD7 LGA 1366 Intel X58 SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX Intel Motherboard - Retail
Item #: N82E16813128413
Return Policy: Limited Replacement Only Return Policy $349.99

Intel Core i7-930 Bloomfield 2.8GHz LGA 1366 130W Quad-Core Desktop Processor Model BX80601930 - Retail
Item #: N82E16819115225

COOLER MASTER Hyper 212 Plus Intel Core i5 & Intel Core i7 compatible RR-B10-212P-G1 120mm "heatpipe direct contact" Long ... - Retail
Item #: N82E16835103065
Return Policy: Standard Return Policy $34.99

LG Black Blu-ray Disc Combo SATA Model UH10LS20 LightScribe Support - OEM
Item #: N82E16827136183
Return Policy: Standard Return Policy

What would you change?

Also would I be better off getting the new fermi or 2 gtx 285's?
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  1. You'd do better if you gave us a budget and what you were using the build for. Follow the guidelines in my signature.

    I'm just going to lay out the full build and explain the changes.

    CPU/Mobo: i7-930 and Asus P6X58D Premium $580. You really, really don't need a $350 board. This one is just as good and a lot cheaper.
    RAM: Mushkin Enahnced Redline 3x2 GB 1600 mhz CAS Latency 6 $250. Cheaper for some reason.
    GPU: HD 5970 $700. This is better than anything on the market, single, dual or otherwise. It's the same price as the 285s.
    HDD: Samsung Spinpoint F3 1 TB $90. This is going to be about as fast as the WD, but is a lot cheaper.
    PSU: OCZ Z Series 850W 80+ Gold $190 after rebate. You don't need a 1kW unit. This one is just fine and much more efficient.
    Case: HAF 922 $80 after rebate. A better case. Also a lot cheaper.
    Optical: Cheap SATA DVD burner $22. Unless you absolutely need a BR reader.
    HSF (if OC): Coolermaster Hyper 212 Plus $35

    Total: $1,947
  2. Budget is in the 2k area but not set in stone.

    I really wanted the sata 6, that is why I chose that mother board.

    Will be doing dual video cards if I go with the 285's and will have dual fermi's in the furture if I go that route. That is why I chose the 1k pwr supply.

    Not dead set on nvidia as a gpu, put I had a bad problem with ATI many many years ago and said I would never buy another ( may be time to let that one go :) )

    I will check on the ram, case and cpu cooler you suggested.

    Lets assume I only want nvidia would you go with two 285's or one fermi?

    Oh this is going to be a home gaming machine.

    I thought I would try and build my own instead of ordering another alienware.
  3. Largely agree with MadAdmiral.

    You do realize that the board he linked also does SATA 6 Gb/s, right?

    Dual video cards is generally not recommended for a starting build. Get a big graphics card now, add another one later when you feel the gaming is starting to slip.

    If you must stick with nVidia, get a Fermi card. Get the 470, it should be overkill for any single-monitor setup.
  4. No I didnt relize that motherboard was sata 6. my bad.
  5. The ATI problems have been solved since AMD bought them over 3 years ago. Any insistence on ignoring them is down to the detriment of your gaming experience and your wallet.

    If you still want nVidia, I would get the 480. The 470 would be good enough, but I'd personally want a little head room, especially since the Fermis don't overclock very well (they use too much power and run too hot) and wouldn't be that great in SLI (again, heat and power issues).
  6. Ok so I changed the mother board and processor to the one suggested.
    I changed the case to the one suggested.
    I changed the gpu to EVGA 012-P3-1472-AR GeForce GTX 470 (Fermi) SuperClocked 1280MB 320-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready SLI Support ... - Retail
    Item #: N82E16814130549

    I changed the power supply to CORSAIR CMPSU-850HX 850W ATX12V 2.3 / EPS12V 2.91 80 PLUS SILVER Certified Modular Active PFC Power Supply - Retail
    Item #: N82E16817139011

    The lattency on the ram is lower on the original. 6-7-6-18. Isnt it worth 20 dollars to have the better latency?

    Wouldnt I want a hard drive capable of sata 6 ? Or did I miss something again.

    Thanks for your help

    Ok was writing this when you posted I will look at the 480
  7. Oh and just so I can learn. After all this is somewhat why I am doing this.

    What makes the haf 922 case better than the sniper?

    I hope I am not asking to many questions.
  8. Well newegg is out of stock on the 480. I guess I could wait to order
  9. The HAF is larger and cheaper. Not only that, but the HAF has better cooling, better cable management and many nice features. The HAF is easily one of the best cases ever made.

    As far as needing a SATA III HDD, you don't right now. The SATA III HDDs that are currently out aren't any faster than SATA II HDDs. So why pay the premium for something that isn't any better? USB 3/SATA III is more of a future proofing option right now.

    Whether the difference between CL 7 and CL 6 is noticeable is debatable. I personally would go ahead and spend the extra $20 for CL 6, especially if I was planning to overclock a lot.
  10. Thanks for the info.
    I was not aware that the sata 3 was so close to the performance of sata 6.

    You deffinatly got me thinking.

    So much that I may go with an ati gpu instead of the fermi.
  11. Just to clarify, there is a huge difference between SATA III and SATA II in terms of potential. The problem is that SATA III is a new technology. Eventually, SATA III will greatly surpass SATA II. Right now, it's just not up to speed yet.
  12. Additionally, the only thing that is pushing the SATA II limit right now are SSDs. HDDs do not yet need the additional bandwidth of SATA III.
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