i have 15 desktops in my windows work-group, when i renamed a system.... after renaming the system the old name is also available so now its showing there are 16 systems in my work-group. so please tell me how to remove the old system name from windows work-group.
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  1. Do a refresh on the network places and it should disappear or just remove that icon.
  2. now all pcs are working but one system is not working........... the pc name was "pc5" i renamed it to "crewrose14"..................... now the old name of the system is not visible in workgroup but the new one is visible but when i click on the new name a error message appear it says "crewrose14 is not accessible, you might not have permission to use this network resource, contact the administartor of this server to find out if you have acess permissions. the problem is when the system name was not changed the system is accessible but after changing the name its showing this message so plzz tell me what to do and how to solve this problem......???
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