AMD Phenom II X6 1035T Overclock help?

Hello all, new to this site and a bit nooby at overclocking so I came here for help.
I've recently been running on a 3.7GHz overclock on my CPU on all 6 cores and it was running with no issues.
I have a Corsair H60 Cooler with 2000RPM fans on both sides so temperature is not an issue. With this overclock I have not seen past 41 celcius when my room was at a peak temperature after a few hours of prime95.

I wanted to explore further and see where the Turbo Core Technology would lead me as I thought it may improve some preformance in-game. I adjusted all the proper settings and had to increase the voltage quite a bit to get a stable overclock. Anyway, the overclock was successful and I am running 3.64GHz and 4.20GHz turbo. However I keep running into an issue. When monitoring a stress test with p95, the multiplier drops to x4.0 and all 6 cores (I think atleast, maybe not all) run at 1120MHz or so. I don't understand why it's not running with Turbo Core, and if it isn't why is the multiplier so low? It should be at the x13.0 as normal, running 3.64MHz.
Thing is that when I set the Turbo Core to ENABLED in BIOS then this happens. If I leave Turbo Core to AUTO, it does not at all turn on. It leaves running the 6 cores at 3.64MHz (I've done the benchmark and stress tests on every single worker meaning 1 worker, 2 workers, 3 workers and so on)

However when I did a benchmark with p95 it showed me that my processor was running the test faster. When idling, my frequency is jumping from 3640 to 4200 with no issues. When I benchmark it jumps aswell but takes the 4200 as priority. When I stress test all cores, I get the crappy 1120 performance.

So to make things simple... why is my processor running at x4.0 multiplier with 1120MHz with Turbo Core enabled FULLY?
And why doesn't Turbo Core kick in when it's enabled AUTOMATICALLY?

Also, I have one last concern. I keep getting a squealing noise when I stress out my processor. I believe this is a coil whine and is nothing to worry about however I cannot be sure. Since my processor rarely gets on full load I only notice it when stressing it out.

Thank you very much in advance! Let me know if I need to include my overclock info/benchmark info.

AMD Phenom II X6 1035T OC'd @ 3.6/4.2
16GB Corsair 1333MHz DDR3 OC'd @ 1493
MSI 760GM-E51
GIGABYTE 797OC OC'd @ 1125/1575
Corsair 750W PSU
1TB Western Digital 7200 RPM
Cooler Master CM690 II
ASUS M238H (Monitor)
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  1. Well disable turbo core and run the cpu at one speed to start with
  2. NCIX does a good instructional on the 1055T. It should be fairly similar for the 35.
  3. pologoalie8908 said:
    NCIX does a good instructional on the 1055T. It should be fairly similar for the 35.

    Not having an issue overclocking, I've actually watched this before. I'm only having a problem with Turbo Core. I want to use it but as I said it's acting weird.

    The guy in the tutorial is actually real lucky cause he has a great board that makes overclocking simple. But he didn't explain anything thoroughly about the Turbo Core. I'm pretty sure you need to rearrange your settings and add in extra voltage, not as simple as turning it on. But anyway, my cpu overclocks fine stably up to 3.705GHz. Why is my turbo core not working properly? >.<

    Like I said, with turbo enabled (no auto) it stays at x4.0 and 1120MHz when stressing.
    With turbo enabled (with auto) it never turns on when stressing.
  4. Solved my issue. Found out there was an option in my bios that was forcing AMD Cool n' Quiet to turn on. Seems like it was messing with my overclock and reducing the power. Sorry for the hassle!
  5. Yea CnC should be disabled. Once you go into Manual setu it's SUPPOSE to disable itself
  6. turbo only enables if there is free cores, scene you are running prime 95 it maxes out 100% of the cpu therefor turbo will not enable.
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