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Video card for 160 watt gateway

I have a gateway 300x that is low profile and only has slots for pci and agp.
I recently was running a 3dforce 6200-256 for about a year and a half before the card stopped working. From looking around it states it needs 250 watt psu. How was it able to run on my 160w psu and is that the reason the life span was that short.

Also, are there any other cards that can be used with the 160 psu?
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  1. Usually, a 160W power supply means onboard graphics only, or else you're rolling the dice.

    I don't really think it's worth looking for a new card for that machine. If you're just using it for basic stuff like office work or the Internet, use the onboard graphics. If you're looking to do any gaming, forget it and get a new machine. If this is the same Gateway 300x I'm thinking of, it was made in like 2002 and has a single-core processor with 256MB of RAM. That's not enough to do much of anything these days.
  2. Originally it did have 256mb upgraded to 2g's of memory and went from 2.2 to 2.5 processor. Manufacture date was april 03. But yeah thats the one you thought it was.
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    Best bet may be to replace it with another 6200 low-profile card, then. There are other low-profile AGP cards available, like the 4350 or 4550 from ATI. These should also work, as their peak power requirement is actually less than a 6200's. The trouble is finding them...

    This chart I'm about to link can be confusing if you don't know your card generations, but I'm linking it anyway. It separates them based on brand and generation. Just find the 6200, which is around 20 up from the very bottom, then try to find other cards with about the same wattage ratings.

    You'll see that the ATI cards I mentioned are in it's league, as are several others. However, due to their age, many of these cards are no longer available. Here is a link to all the low-profile, AGP cards has to offer:

    You may find others available elsewhere.
  4. Thanks for the input guys!

    The cards you linked may work, if the reviews hold up as far as power supply needed.
  5. Not worth upgrading, you might be better of keeping what you have/building new system.
  6. He's not upgrading, his card's dead and he needs to replace it.
  7. He should get a new build, His 2.5ghz p4 isn't worth the cost of a new card.
  8. LOL 160W PSU?? ROFL. Dont buy any GPU at all b4 you buy a new PSU and if you wont buy a new PSU dont buy a GPU.
  9. What?

    I think he may be trying to agree with me, but I can not decipher his broken leet-speak.

    Anyways, He even talks like Yoda!!!

    Bravo on the Avatar choice there.
  10. And if a new build is not within his budget, builderbob?

    He came here looking for a replacement video card, some of which are less than $50. Surely if his system is enough for him currently, spending less than $50 to get it working again is worth it. It'd cost more to take it to a shop and have a problem diagnosed...

    He mentioned nothing of budget or potential system replacement, so I gave him what he asked for. And though it almost goes without saying, replacing that card is cheaper than replacing the entire system. We don't even know if a new system benefit him enough to justify the expense. That would depend on what he does with it. For some people, older computers are still quite adequate for their needs.
  11. Then he should go to the public liabary for internet access.

    Or go to the town dump, and try to find a faster computer.

    (I'm sure he could)

    I would NOT spend 50$ , or .50C on that build.
  12. The town dump part was quite funny :)
  13. Yeh, Thanks.

    What's even funnier, Is that I auctauly do that as a student job, and I've found p4 3.2s at our town dump.

    (got me 180$ at a tech flea maerket, with 4gb of ram and 2 250gb ides a while back)
  14. "Technical Specs:

    - Pentium 4 3.2gHz single-core processor
    - 4GB DDR memory
    - 2 x 250GB hard drive
    - Integrated rotting garbage smell"
  15. Yeh, I priced it at 200$, and some guy felt like he was getting a bargain when he brought me down to 180$.

  16. This computer was given to us a couple years ago in pretty much brand new condition from my wife's parents(They rarely ever used it) when my gateway died after 7 years of service. The 160 watt psu was standard on the 300x and after looking into replacing it the only other option is a 180w...Good news though after watching me try my best to deal with what we have, the wife has decided we need to just get a new one. Guess she felt sorry for me, lol.
    Thanks again for the input, the good and the umm, sarcastic ;p
  17. After your wife said that, I bet a little part inside your head went, "YESSSSS!" :)

    Feel free to hit us back up when choosing a new PC or picking parts for one.
  18. more like, "Oh thank god" lol
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