Club 3d 5770 1 gig

is it just me or does this graphics card have the same cooler that the Asus 4830 had ?

is anyone experiencing any problems with this card and the artic cooler thing?

it looks the same but im not sure if it is snap... the shroud looks more see through than the 4830's...

i bought my first ati card ever last year and i went thorugh 3 cards in one month.... bad batch ... no... ... discontinued the whole asus 4830 shortly afterwards... :heink:

im really concerned about this cooler and that it will live short like its ancestor did ... but i cant find any cooler problems on the net .. YET

maybe i should just hold my breath and jump the gun and go xfire .... :cry:
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  1. Am also very curious (and cautious) about this card. I was planning on buying it once from the same site, but when i looked at the prices i changed my mind.

    The price of this card is too low in comparison to the other 5770 makes, leaving you to wonder what is (or is not) in this card that would make it be priced at such a low price! :o
  2. so far nobody has complained about the cooler and it cools slightly better than the dpi version , the only thing is , theres no eyefinity .... which imo IS NOT NEEDED to the everyday gamer who has limited cash flows....

    since i dont have money for a 4356 screens and i highly doubt the 5770 will last long if games had to be played at eyefinity res the whole time ... eyefinity is better off on the 5800 series , but even so , those cards struggle with it .i wonder , if in xfire mode , maybe then the 5770 will run eyefinity on medium to high settings at decent fps .

    ive not yet searched for benchmarks regarding this and wont be lol . ..the club 3d is a strange brand but good brand , thats why its so cheap in south Africa. usually its all about the brand names and cooler types ... look at the dpi version from the same brand, for R20 more you get a piece of plastic that smothers your card , and eyefinity :D
  3. I purchased the Club3D ATI Radeon 5770 512MB and yes it came with Arctic Cooler but it works extremely cool @ 42C idle and i have yet to see it go over 56C even with Crysis on Very High 1440x900. The 3D Card's GPU and Memory clock drops to 100Mhz and 500Mhz when your not in-game so it takes care of the cooling and power saving part itself :)

    PS. This card runs exactly at the same speed as other 5770's (3DMark Vantage GPU Score: P9400)
    Had it for a month and no issues at all.
  4. Why is this card only available in South Africa??
  5. shweet acewolf . good to know , i recently rejoined the ATI family :D, ive got the 1 gig version because of my monitor size :) . im glad they rebuilt the artic cooler . the first version so extremely fail . im very happy about the feedback i got on a post about this card . no problems at all !

    @ starges , what do you mean its only available in south Africa ?

    Edit : wait , i just did a Google search and its true , the serial number only shows up on a south African site .... hmmmm .... ohwell :D
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