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I bought a new graphic card and I need to uninstall the ATI Catalyst and it will not uninstall. I click on the express uninstall and it goes to the generate list in custom uninstall and never loads the list. Runs for hours and does nothing. I bought a new Nvidia card and have to get this uninstalled so I can install the new card. Should I try the uninstaller program in system mechanic? They used to have programs to uninstall ATI and I could not find one, Any Ideas? Thanks
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  1. Try Revo Uninstaller. There's a free edition and a pro, but the free should help.
  2. Driver sweeper or cleaner in safe mode should still do the trick. Also, a full reinstall of windows always works.
  3. You can do command prompt base to un-install ATI driver....See un-install below

    Install/Un-install procedure for CCC @ command prompt environment:

    Un-install ATI driver

    Log in as administrator

    @ Command prompt execute the following instructions

    Go to C:\ATI\SUPPORT\9-REV_vista64_win7_dd_ccc_wdm_emu\Driver\BIN64 for 64 bit OS
    Go to C:\ATI\SUPPORT\9-REV_vista32_ win7_dd_ccc_wdm_emu\ Driver\BIN for 32 bit OS

    Type the command “atisetup.exe –uninstall”

    This will remove the current or older ATI driver on your PC. Wait for the process to complete.

    The Font will get big as the OS will revert to default VGA driver. This is expected or normal just as when installing windows for the 1st time.

    Reboot your machine after the completion of the process


    1) @ command prompt type ”ATIsetup.exe -?” it will give you the list options for the ATIsetup.exe installation program

    2) 9-Rev is whatever revision of ATI driver you are using (i.e. 9-10).

    3) Always un-install old driver before installing the new rev driver
  4. That will take out the driver but what about the catalyst program itself?
  5. Normally for me the setup program removes the driver, CCC, and even the setup program and backup files.
  6. That command prompt install/un-install procedure should be sufficient to do the job. On my second quad core machine, i just install nvidia driver after the command-prompt un-install of ATI software. I took out a 4890 on that machine and installed a GTX280.

    The drive sweeper should also work.

    The procedures outlined on this thread should work. I tried these options myself. I have 2 quad core machines. One nvidia (GTX280) and other other is ATI (CF 4890).
    In the last 8 months i played around with video cards on these 2 machines i use different methods of un-installing drivers. They all work...
    - Drive Sweeper
    - Command Prompt Un-install/Install
    - Regular Install/Un-install for both Nvidia and ATI.

    The last thing that i want to do is fresh windows installation because it requires a lot of work. That's the last resort that i use. I have never made a fresh install in more than 1.5 year on the 2 machines that i have. But there comes a time that the registers are already messed up that a fresh install is required.

    As suggested in this thread fresh install is always a valid option(Clean Start).
  7. Yes, I agree a full reinstall is not fun, especially if it doesn't help.

    What I'd actually suggest is buying (or finding) an old, empty hard drive. That way if you are ever having problems, you can do a fresh install of windows (without wiping your current) to see if that resolves anything. Even that though is time consuming and a last resort.
  8. Procedure to clean install a new driver:

    1) Download driversweeper to your desktop, or wherever you can find it easily.

    2) Download your new driver to the same place.
    3) Add/remove programs, uninstall any Nvidia or ATI vga drivers and programs.
    4) Boot into safe mode. Press F8 repeatedly while booting to enter safe mode. Your display resolution may be minimal.
    5) Run driversweeper. Check the selection boxes for the removal of all nvidia vga drivers and ati drivers.
    6) Rerun driversweeper. All such components should be gone.
    7) Install the new driver from the desktop or saved location.
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