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Basically, I am trying to purchase a computer in which I would ghost one drive and if a virus/hardware failure occurs I can simply boot into the second HD without losing much time so my business doesn't suffer.

Do I have to worry about RAID? Is Norton Ghost the best to use for this? Should both HD's be the same size? Which company would be the best to buy this from with customization?

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  1. I would check with a local IT company to see what options they can offer. Your questions are a bit all over the place, and it seems like spending a bit of money is worth it to avoid the risk of a do it yourself option.
  2. Mirror two identical drives (Raid 0). Ghost your final build to a external drive. The Raid will give you fault tolarance and the Ghost image would be a quick recovery method.
  3. Based on the wording of the question I do not think that is very good advice.
  4. Sorry, rephrase question:

    Would like to know best way to make it so, If my one hard drive goes bad for any reason, via virus or hardware issue. If it is possible to have another HD, (which is basically a clone of the first one) to be next to use? So if HD1 goes down, I can simply boot into HD2 (which is a copy of HD1)

    In which case, I can simply clean out or replace HD1 and now make it the clone.

    In the simplest way:

    How can I build/purchase a PC so if anything happens to my harddrive I can simply switch to the other harddrive that is backed up to the night before?

    I want to have 2 bootable hard drives. One as primary, One as secondary. The secondary being a clone of the first one. But if at any time HD1 goes bad/down. HD2 will be ready to go.

    So instead of doing a "system restore" I could merely switch hard drives. Then troubleshoot what went wrong with the first one when I have free time.
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