Ati 4770 350W psu Real Wats

Can i put ati 4 ??? Can my pSU` hold on a Ati 4770 ? :D :)
770 on my motherboard asrock alive - nf6g -dvi ? by the way i have a PSU Allied - Real 350W - PSU Safety + PFC - Bulk; certified + 80%
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  1. PLZ reply :)
  2. You may be able to, but I wouldn't. That doesn't sound like a high quality PSU so you may just kill it, and damage some of your other components, when you load the card with a game.
  3. Look for a good 450W psu like Corsair or Antec. Those other ''gunny named'' psus are whack. They'l end up damaging your mobo.
  4. I would also doubt if that is its real wattage or not. You may just damage your system with that. Either you should go with a card that doesn't require an extra 6-pin PCI-e connector (e.g. 4670, etc) or get a decent 380-400W PSU to support your new GPU (e.g. EA380, CX400, etc).
  5. Yeah, if it was a reliable brand you could get away with that card but that is not a reliable brand and I wouldn't try it.
    It can probably handle an HD5670 though. That's what I would recommend you look at.
  6. Than I think I'l buy a new PSU ... or take ati 4670 ... ! Thanks All
  7. With a good budget you could go for a good psu and a good 48xx/5xxx series card
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