Set a home network between a Win2003 PC and a Vista laptop?


I have a wireless router connected to the internet. My Win2003 PC is connected to it with an ethernet cable. My Vista laptop is connected to it via Wi-Fi. I'm trying and failing to setup a network between them, so it would be like having them connected directly with a cable. I cannot access either of them from the other one. How do i solve this?


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  1. Make sure both computers are in the same workgroup. Share a folder on each computer. Turn off firewall for the time being until you make the connections. Try pinging each computer to make sure they can see each other. Go through the network wizard on Vista as it has some more stringent settings that need to be set correctly for file sharing.
  2. can you ping the win2003 box from your laptop ? if not check the ip addresses show they are on the same network.
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