Overclocking reference MSI GTX 670 and hitting 370% power use

Hi all,

I'm trying to overclock my reference gtx 670 and i can get good + clocks (55-90) but sometimes I hit a driver crash which shows 370% power use on MSI afterburner and evga precision when it occurs. I can't find ANYTHING on the internet about what you should do about this problem, please help or tell me what info you need.

i5 2500k 4.5 Ghz
asus pro gen 3 motherboard
750W bronze ps
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  1. don't believe that reading. just think, 370% power use, assuming that a 670 consumes 200w (just an assumption), that is 600w. i dont think the hardware can withstand that.
    unless you are referring to idle power consumption vs full load. or something else that we're just having a misunderstanding here :)

    it might just be a software bug.
  2. hmm if its a software bug would it still happen on msi afterburner and the evga one? it also ONLY hits 370% when there is an issue and then crashes on both which implies it IS a fake number.

    This problem has persisted for 4 drivers now as well so its not that either. Any other advice would really help cause i dont get why i can be fine at 90+ clock and then it fails even down 20+ with this error. once i get this error i have to remove the overclock cause no clock will work after that.
  3. I forgot to mention, the GPU temps do not go above 63-65C so its not a temperature problem.

    Please someone help
  4. This is normal and happens to me as well. If your GPU crashes or Vram fills up. either of which causing a driver crash and a game freeze/crash, any software readings of the hardware will be interrupted or read incorrectly. Don't worry, the power regulation (maximum power usage) is not on the software end but the hardware end and therefore the video bios is handling this situation completely. Just to clear something else up in case you ask, the modifications in your MSI Afterburner app including the power limit are all driver level adjustments and once any sort of crash happens the drivers fail and the bios/windows takes over (basic display but no 3d acceleration). Without the drivers being active, the graphics card sensors cannot be read and therefore MSI Afterburner will begin acting "silly". At least it doesn't crash too.

    On a side-note, if you are crashing often I would look at your core clock being too high or your voltage being too low for the OC. When using kepler cards you can up the voltage by about +100mV.
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