Can't find D:

I've been trying to slowly upgrade my computer. It is a Dell xp 410. I put a Corsair 650 in it, GTX 550 ti graphic card, and still have to put the new hard drive in as soon as I figure out how to copy the old one to it.

My issue is, I can't make a disk till I can find my D: disk drive. What am I doing wrong? I see something that says unknown and I think it might be D: but it doesn't have a name at all. I tried deleting Upper and that didn't work. What else can I try? I don't want the warranties on my new stuff to run out before I figure out all this stuff.


Edit - I seem to have un partioned and then re-partitioned into D: I hope whatever I did was correct and won't later mess something up on me. As soon as it is done I will try making a disk.
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  1. All new drives have to be initalize, partitioned and formated before they will show up in explorer. Control panel, admin tools, computer management under disk management.
  2. Oh and just get ghost to copy the image from c: to d:
  3. Thank you, now it is telling me to install a driver and won't show any disk I put into it.

    Will try and find out why. Its the one that came with the machine so I have no idea why it's acting like it's new.
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