6 gigs vs 12 gigs for gaming

i currently have 6 gigs OCZ ddr3 1600mhz 6-8-6-24 and want to know if getting a second set to make 12 gigs would make any difference when gaming like on bad company 2 or metro 2033, i was going to upgrade to another UNBELIEVABLE set of ocz ram that was 2000mhz and 6-8-6-24 that was out of stock until Christmas eve but then a day later the label changed to 1600mhz and pc3 12800 i e-mailed newegg and they said it was ocz's fault for labeling it wrong :( so now i dont feel like buying that set or corsairs 2000mhz cas 8 set cause its friggin expensive and still have a 27inch moniter on my list, i could still buy another set of my current ram but i dont know if it would be worth it i mean i dont really have a reason not to buy it... do i?


Win 7
Rampage 3 extreme
i7 980x
2x asus ares crossfire
6 gigs ocz ddr3 1600mhz 6-8-6-24
antec high current pro 1200w
all stock

also im not really in a "do i NEED it?" mood im sure i probably dont need it i just wanna know if it will raise fps
lol i has more graphics memory than i do system
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  1. Nope, 4Gb is plenty for gaming these days,
    6Gb if your on a triple channel Mobo is 'standard'
    so unless your going to be doing lots of editing/modelling or opening as many apps as you can at once, I'd stick with the 6Gb you currently have and put the money towards that monitor
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