SATA Performance Severely Hindered - Sabertooth X58

Hi All,

I am having an issue with SATA performance and my SSD drive with my X58 motherboard. I have narrowed it down to the motherboard due to the fact that I benchmarked the drive in another computer and the results in A SSD were in line with the results here:

Currently the results in my machine with the X58 Sabertooth are around 100 composite score. This lousy performance started happening after I flashed the BIOS up to 0603 to fix blue screen issues. This issue is not resolved when I roll back to the 505 bios.

Any thoughts/help/advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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  1. One question.... When you flashed the BIOS to 0603 and back to 0505, did you change the SATA Controller back to AHCI??
  2. I have flip flopped between AHCI and SATA, and it seems to make very little difference. My 4K tests are a fraction of what they should be.

    I will flash back to 505 and change to AHCI and post my results.
  3. Here is the 505 bios with AHCI enabled:

    I scored 400 on my old rig. I will go through and flash all available BIOs and post the results.

    This is the SSD I am using:
  4. The only thing I'm seeing between the Guru image and yours is the Firmware version. Your showing 3.1 and their is 310A. I would maybe look to update your SSD firmware and re-test. Also, you are on the MSACHI drivers and they are on the Intel drivers ( ICH10R)... it looks like
  5. So I am trying to install the iaStor drivers provided from ASUS and I am getting an error that it's not compatible with my version of windows (Windows 7 64 bit). This is frustrating.
  6. I would look at ASUS's website for the latest version, which hopefully is Win7 64-bit compatible. Also, I would start with the firmware update first, if not current.
  7. If you changes from IDE -> AHCI after installing an OS chances are that you may have corrupted the registry. The simplest solution is to move the SATA 1 -> SATA 2 ports, also don't have the DVD in the first 4 ports.

    The 4K is a lousy comparison for the SSD; I prefer ATTO Benching.
  8. So here are some results. I found a compatible iaStor driver, apparently Asus has a bit of a fail on their website and had to lean on Intel.

    I can't seem to find a 310A firmware download.

    Here's Gskill's page for this drive:

    Again what concerns me is that I installed this drive into a separate computer with the same firmware and saw benchmarks that were close to what is listed on their website and guru3d.

    I am using the same drive and the same SATA cable.
  9. Jaquith:

    Just move the SATA port from 1 to 2?
  10. ModXMV said:

    Just move the SATA port from 1 to 2?

    Yep, that's the simplest unless you want to get into your registry.
  11. I updated the Intel RST driver, switched to SATA port 1:

    I am leaving to go home for the holidays here shortly I will continue this Monday.

    Thanks for the help so far!
  12. Well that sucked! Set the SATA3 to AHCI and use/try the SATA3 port. I assume when testing that you disabled any AV software, and the you did NOT install ANY of the ASUS 'Utilities' -> if you did then uninstall them, OR run MSCONFIG select Diagnostic and re-run tests.

    Also, G.SKILL is using 1024K vs your 103424K sized test; also looking at their 'font' they've turned-off EVERYTHING!

    Q - What OS? e.g. Windows 7 Pro x64


    Before RST 'update':

    After RST 'update':
  13. So I just bit the bullet and reinstalled windows and here are the results:
  14. Much better results... It seems like you had an alignment issue, which the reinstall corrected.
  15. You missed my earlier post "Also, G.SKILL is using 1024K vs your 103424K sized test; also looking at their 'font' they've turned-off EVERYTHING!" Everthing - Aero, etc - G.SKILL's test rig has only bare bones Windows running...
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