Geforce 8800GTS overheat and bsod

OS: Win7
So it's started few days ago. I was playing WoW suddenly more than half of the screen turned purple,windows freezes and I need to restart. When I pressed power button there was yellow stripes all over the screen it went right down to welcome screen and then bsod again. Reinstall windows all was fine for 30 minutes then bsod again..So judging from how hot my videocard is I've been thinking that the problem is with it's cooler.
P.S. there was dust on videocard and in fan but I cleaned it. ANy suggestions?
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  2. well what temps was the card running at? we can't tell you if its too high, if you don't give us the figures.

    it certainly sounds like a GPU overheat though. download GPUz and log the temps while playing. and let us know.
  3. Download this and tell us the temps(We're interested in load temps).
    Provide the screenshot if you can.:)
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