Ddr2 not running at 1066

Hey just got gskill ddr2 1066, but cant get them to run at 1066. I changes the voltage to 2.1 and set it to 555 15 but only went from 400 to 533
here is what it says in cpuz
what else do i need to change? i have a phenom x3 and mobo supports 1066. its a biostar a770
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  1. Its running fine, ddr stands for double data rate, 533 doubled is?
    top of the class that man :)
  2. o was wondering why it first showed 400 and not 800, well thxs for the info should i put the voltage down to 2.0? says 2.0-2.1. Was running fine on 2.0
  3. DDR2 ratings refer to memory clock. CPU-Z figures are based on memory frequency which is half the memory clock.

    If the factory voltage recommendations say 2.0 - 2.1 volts, I would run it at 2.1 volts even if the memory seems to run OK at 2.0 volts. For me, the extra stability is worth the small heat and power penalty.
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