Computer not recognizing ram xp

...received a hand me down coputer today. Upon dxdiag.exe shows only 160 gb Ram. Looks like there are 4 1 gig sticks mounted to motherboard.

Is my computer not recognizing the installed ram?

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  1. 160gb would be the hard drive not RAM. To see how much RAM is installed right click on computer and click properties it will display the amount of RAM.

    When you opened up DXDIAG What does it say for "Memory:"?
  2. ...ver batum

    default bios
    intel celeron 1.7 ghz
    160 mb Ram
    page file = 21.2 used 174 meg available
    direct x 9
  3. ...i have entered bios but not sure what im lookin for ...
    noticed also it states 800 mhz pentium 4, cpu frequency 100mhz

    where should i look for graphics card usage?

  4. Try integrated peripherals... or some such thingy...:)
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