Is there any use in using a 32gb to speeding up a system using Windows 7 and how?

And what is the benifit could I get out of a 64gb card?
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  1. It depends on the SSD, as they vary in read/write operations. Because of the way most SSDs write they typically have slower writes, but are at faster reading.

    Your system would boot faster, consume less power, and not be as fragile with a 64GB SSD. I think that is what you were asking
  2. Im more looking to get a crucial 32gb and wondering what I would put on it to make my computer go faster.
  3. Before you buy get a good understanding of how fast it writes. I've used SSDs that wrote so slow (mainly on cheap netbooks) they made the computing experience worthless. This Intel SSD is nice for the price: I put one in my netbook and it runs great.

    If your looking to boost performance install the o/s on the SSD and keep all user files on HDD.

    EDIT: whatever you do don't put the Windows Swap file on the SSD. It will be slow and can cause the SSD to wear before it's time.
  4. Hmm for SSD i'd try to hit at least a 60-64GB sized one ^^
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