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I am noticing some slower speeds and quirks on my current Seagate Barracuda ST3500630AS. Occasionally the drive will start working extremely hard for tasks I normally do everyday and more recently while playing Diablo III it has been extremely slow with it's load times. I have not run a diagnostic tool besides chkdsk since I don't really know of a good free one.

Anyways I am planning on upgrading the drive to a 1 TB Western Digital Caviar Black 7200 RPM 64MB Cache and was considering my data transfer options. I was thinking I could use my current drive to run a Windows 7 installer to install Windows 7 on the new drive and then use the current drive as a secondary drive and transfer all the data, then format it. However I have a feeling this is far to simple and there are going to be problems so I am asking here.

In essence I am wondering if I can install Windows 7 onto a new drive from an old drive with Windows 7 already on it, and then use the old drive as a secondary to transfer the data onto the new one before formatting it.
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  1. Yes you can clone the drive, although if the problem is in the install it won't fix the issue. I use Ghost 15 or True Image to clone (or copy in Ghost lingo), but there are free alternatives also like some of the Easeus Todo Backup.

    Have you tried defragmenting the drive yet? Certainly do that and clear all the caches and stuff with Ccleaner (free program) first.
  2. I do know about cloning but aren't there issues with cloning a drive to a bigger drive in terms of getting all of my new drive space?

    I do use CCleaner on a regular basis, as well as using Auslogics Disk Defrag to defrag.
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    No, just use a program that extends the partition to the full new drive size (for example in Ghost the option is called: Resize drive to fill unallocated space).
  4. Alrighty. Thank you very much, on another note is there a free one that does the extension of the partition.
  5. Yes, I believe that Easeus does, they also have a good user manual:
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