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Hello, Just installed lite on bluray player and have yet to get a bluray to play without pixelating then eventually freezing. Using powerdvd 8 oem setup: biostar mb mcp6p amd athlon x2 250 4 gb ram win7 64 corsair 750w psu panasonic plasma via hdmi msi ati radeon 4550 Also, I've searched a lot, and evrything points to video acceleration. I disabled that. Still pixelates. I also downloaded k lite codec pack. What else can I try?
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  1. Have you tried to simply update your video drivers? OR does your MSI only allow OEM drivers to be installed?
  2. Yeah, I updated the ati drivers for the 4550, and CCC is now at v10.2. I also put an Asus mb in last night to replace the biostar mb. When I was setting it up, I noticed that windows 7 only enabled one of my cpu cores. So I think this was the problem the whole time. I downloaded a applet called BCD and now win 7 recognizes both cores. Now my blurays are playing at 50-60% for VC 1, and about 10-20% for MPEGS. Does that sound normal?
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