Motherboard for Intel T2400 core duo 1.83

Hey PC guru's,

I have a question for you guys, which I would be really grateful if you could help me with.

My Mac Mini's logic board has just broke, due to my endless tinkering,

so I have been forced to buy new components to make a half decent PC/Hackingtosh/Ubuntu machine.

Which leaves me with a load of old Mac bits and a broken motherboard/logic board.

So, I would like to put the old Intel Core Duo 1.83 T2400 on another motherboard, perhaps along with the 2 GB ram sodimms that were on the Mac Mini mobo, and add other bits to make a simple Windows or Vista Media Centre specifically designed for running the Broadband internet and perhaps a DVR for freesat (PCI based).

Could anybody recommend a compatible motherboard to use that I could plug the Core Duo 1.83 (T2400) into which would be compatible with the 2 x 1 GB Sodimms?
Or would it be more intelligent to sell the parts as second hand and buy a new mobo/cpu/ram bundle instead?

Not so bothered about the form factor of the mobo, as it will be hidden behind the TV.
Please help you clever PC/Mac/Computer experts.
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  1. I would try selling them first. IF you need a small form factor setup, newegg has had some via or Intel atom setups for just over $100 recently with mini-itx case included.
  2. Sure, thanks for the advice.
    Although am planning to use a more powerful CPU, as not that impressed with the Atom or Via's.
    Not that fussed about small form factor.
    Perhaps something along the lines of the Mini ITX.
    And as I don't need the fastest cpu (just faster than the atom, perhaps something along the lines of a core duo. Should be fast enough for Ubuntu Internet / Freesat DVR with PCI card).
    This type of motherboard will cost less and more likely have better performance and better expansion capabilities.
    Thanks for the advice though. Think I will break the Mac Mini up to sell for parts as the power adaptor costs £50 new on its own, and are in short supply.
    So, perhaps selling the power adaptor / CPU / RAM / Airport Extreme / Mac Mini Case separately will bring in a good portion of the money for buying a cheap internet PC.
    Thanks again
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