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just installing Asus p7p55d pro mobo, and need to know what jmicron sata slot is for. I am installing 2 hdd's sata 1 will have windows, 1 for storage. Also have 1 dvd+/- rom. do i hook up to sata 1,2,3, or do i hook up primary to jmicron, and other hdd to sata 1, and dvd to sata 2? Or do i hook up boot hdd to sata 1, backup hdd to sata 2, and dvd to sata 3? please help in middle of build.
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  1. Jmicron is your onboard RAID Controller. You don't need to hook anything up to those slots, if not doing a RAID. Hook up your boot drive to the first SATA slot, than your other hdd's, followed by DVD drives and eSATA connections on SATA_1 through SATA_???.
  2. Please don't triple post.

    To answer - I would use the Intel SATA slots first. I would use the jmicron as secondary (DVD drive, etc).

    Jmicron manufactures chips to be used for additional devices - eSATA, IDE, etc. Usually the intel slots perform better, though I've had no problems with the jmicron chips on my boards.
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