260 GTX 192 temps

Hi all

I have a 260 GTX core 192 and im a little worried about the temps

I just got done playin WoW in Player vs Player and it reads 64 C

Im not sure if thats hot for a vid card or not

Also i bumped the fan speed up to 80% and its been cooling down for about 5 mins and it reads 54C

Are these temps normal or are they high

thanks all

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  1. 64C is fine. Completely normal temperature. Those cards are made to run past 80C.
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  3. 64 is actually quite low. its not abnormal for cards to be in the 70's during gaming. i would worry until temps starting hitting triple digits.
  4. Mine goes upto 85c lol.

    Your card's temps are very good.
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  6. lol thanks everyone for your answers

    I'm usually not such a noob with hardware...especially video hardware

    I was just thinking about my CPU at 32C idle and my V card at ~48 idle

    Thanks everyone again

  7. GPU can handle much higher temps than cards,
    While 70c is considered high temps for a CPU, GPU easily goes upto 90c and still works fine.
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