Strange Keyboard Error

So, my friends computer just died, and so we are building him a temporary one with leftover pieces from various rigs.

We have got everything working just fine, but I hit an interesting problem. When the computer boots up into the BIOS screen I can press F12, and it brings me to the boot menu(I was going to change it so it would boot from OS CD, as current OS on the HDD we are using does not work, and needs to be re-installed). From here, the keyboard ceases to work in any fashion. Additionally the keyboard does not function anywhere other than the initial screen, and only to hit F12. Any ideas?

I have tried;
-Switching Keyboards
-Switching USB Keyboard Inputs
-Un-plugging and re-plugging the keyboard during the BIOS Bootup
-I switched HDD's (Don't ask me why, I was trying anything at this point).

I thought it might be the motherboard, but why would register a single F12, and nothing else?
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  1. I'm new, so maybe I'm not really qualified to answer this, but there have been known problems in the past with USB keyboards during bootup. Have you tried using an oldfashined PS2 keyboard?
  2. Good call, it worked. Thanks for the insight. Sometimes it is the simplest things. :)

    Problem resolved.
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