Dell U2711 27" Monitor Hep.

hello all...i'm having some trouble deciding if i should pick this monitor up. I'm a graphic designer and am finally deciding to get an upgrade for my dell 2007 wfp which has been great for me thus far. anyways, I can get my hand on one of the new U2711 for only $600 but I am a bit hesitant to drop that kind of money for a fairly new monitor although its a ridiculous deal. I believe these monitors retail at $1099. The other route I was thinking was to pick up two 2209wa's which I've read some great reviews on. Any thoughts would be really great. It just seems to hard to pass up the on the U2711 for 600. Also, I'm have an XFX HD 4770 512 gb video card. Is that suitable enough to run this monitor at its max resolution? The 2209wa is on sale on dell for the week at $229 if anyone was interested.
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  1. $600..... tell me how !

    IMO, this is the best monitor under $2k
  2. You guys know if it'll run at max resolution with an XFX HD 4770 512gb. I'm starting to get concerned my vid card might not be able to handle such a beastly monitor.
  3. I'd suggest, regardless of which monitor you choose, getting the monitor and seeing how it works with your current card before upgrading the card. Chances are if you aren't gaming it will be fine, and no way better to know how it does in the programs you use than to test it. A 4770 is a pretty decent card.
  4. Unfortunately I can't test it. I'm actually buying it brand new off of someone that didn't need it. I guess he got it as a gift or something. I don't really game, just do graphics. One thing for sure is that I can't stand the TN monitors, they are absolutely horrible for designers. I was originally gonna pick up the 2209wa but don't know if I'll ever get the opportunity again to buy this monitor at the price I'm getting it at. anyways, my card has the dual link so i guess i'll just cross my fingers, lol
  5. No, sorry, I don't mean test the monitor (from Jack's reaction it must be awesome), I mean run it on your card to see if your card is sufficient, and if it is not we can look into upgrading the card. However, I imagine if the 4770 was fine before it will be fine now.
  6. yah, once i get it tomorrow, i'll see how it hooks up. Man i'm pretty excited at the size. I'll be going from 20" to 27", lol. i just hope the vid card can hang...
  7. I more hope that it will fit on your desk :lol:

    I went from a 19 to 23 inch monitor and almost had to lose my speakers.
  8. haha hopefully it will. here we go, i thought about reposting but hopefully I'll get an answer from this thread. My current vid card is XFX HD 4770 512 ram. Will this be able to maintain 2560x1440 resolution??? i don't want to have to drop another $200 for a vid card right now. I may consider just buying the monitor and putting it aside until i can get the proper vid card. Anyhow, if anyone knows that answer, please share, thx.
  9. It can certainly run Windows or surf the web at that resolution, so if what you are doing is not graphically intensive for it to render, then I doubt it will have a problem. If it had no issue with your 20 inch monitor, I think it will probably be fine with your 27 inch for the apps you are doing.
  10. Depends what application you are using with that monitor. Surfing and photoediting is fine. Movies is fine (they don't make super high def movies anyway) but for games, no it isn't that great.

    A 4770 wouldn't get much results in video games at 2560x1440 resolution. You would get playable frame rates at low settings for most games.

    I have a LG monitor that uses the exact same panel as the 3008WFP and it looks great. I can only imagine the 27" one is equally as amazing or perhaps even better.

    To be honest at $600. I am not sure how serious you are about this deal but I am tempted to buy it off you if you don't want it XD seriously
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