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hey folks I am just asking people around on forums what my next purchase should be.
I am thinking of purchasing the ATI 5870 graphics card, but the thing is I have XFX nforce 790i Ultra motherboard which is a SLI mother board. I am thinking of purchasing second 5870 later on as the prices will drop, but I am not sure if I can use crossfire on SLI board.
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  1. No, you cannot run Crossfire on an SLI board. The newer 1156/1366 Intel boards can do both, but the old NVidia chipsets only do SLI. Your only choices would be a new MB or a 5970 (Or NVidia's new offerings) to get more performance.
  2. ^ +1

    No CF in a SLI board. You could still opt to buy the 5870 for now. But by the time you decide to buy another one, you should also change your mobo.
  3. oh yes you can, there's a little thing called Hydra!
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