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I hope I am doing this right, if not I am very sorry. Im just typing in this box thing.

I am attempting to install windows xp home to a net book which currently has windows seven installed. I actually installed it from a usb drive. However I am running into problems. Here is what I have done so far
1) I used win to flash and an actual disk that came with the computer originally. There was no issues converting and formatting the usb flash drive (1 gb)
2) I have set the computer to boot from the flash drive.
3) when I get to the grub menu I select the text only option.
4) I agree to the terms and services
here is where the problem occurs. When it gets to the partition set up, all I can see is the usb with windows seven on it. I cant see any unpartitioned space, I cant delete or create. I have no idea what to do. I have never had this problem with XP or windows 7.
I know the harddrive is good on the computer because I have installed and partitioned windows seven (all versions. at different times, to see if I liked windows seven)
I need help, it appears there is something I am doing very very wrong.
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  1. Try setting the BIOS disk option to Legacy, or something similar. Most likely you are using a pre SP3 disk that can't see the SATA drive.
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