ATI 4770 or Nvidia 9800GTX+

I was wondering which one is better. The ATI 4770 or the Nvidia 9800gtx+.

ATI 4770:

Nvidia 9800gtx+:

Also if there are other cards around the same price range that are better please tell me.

BTW i'm an ATI/AMD guy but I would buy a Nvidia card if it was better.
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  1. This is a good deal at the moment on GTS250 which is a never version of 9800GTX+ both cards are better than HD4770
  2. I prefer video cards with dual slot coolers to blow air out the case. My case currently doesn't have good cooling and a keep the heat out can really help.
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    The 9800GTX+ performs equal to a 4850, so it will be about 10% better than a 4770.

    The 4770 is a 40nm CPU that will run cooler and use less power though.

    The question is - is 10% increase in performance worth the price increase?
  4. Then you have a good deal after MIR on the 9800GTX+ that you linked to. You could as well look at HD4850 but most of them do not have the cooling solution you are looking for.
  5. I run at either 1680x1050 or 1360x768 depending on which monitor that i use because i have dual screens. Would it sufficient from these resolutions?
  6. All of these cards are decent performers at those resolutions.
  7. Then most likely I will go with the 9800gtx+, because of the price and performance. I was looking forward for an ATI 5770 it cost to much and I can use that 70 extra dollars for something else.
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