M4A89TD PRO/USB3 CPU LED stay lit

So this seems to be a recurring problem for me with this motherboard. I have called Asus support they proved to be rude and worthless with knowledge. I also did that after spending probably more than 12 hours troubleshooting myself and looking about other threads, i found problems similar to mine and so far no luck fixing it.

Where i stand now is...

When i plug in the PSU and turn it on the green standby power LED lights up, after pressing th power button, fans and harddrive start up however, it remains at the CPU LED and goes not further. I get no displays or anything really.

Ive quadruple checked, for damage all over of the motherboard and CPU, made sure everything is where is needs to be... i currently have the Mobo and out of the case with one stick of ram in and the video card. This was my attempted remove the possibility of a short to the case. I have also replaced the PSU (due of other issues previously of it not getting power at all) I have replaced the CPU and the Mobo. I am getting absolutely no luck at all with this and I am desperate for new ideas. I have also cleared the CMOS and well done basically anything i can think of.

Now im fairly new to building still as i've only built one personally for myself once, and helped other people build some so im not completely retarded to this. Oh i should add i have checked compatibility several times over praying that i missed something.

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  1. "Rude and worthless" sounds accurate.
    Actually, your USB power stays on, even when the computer is shut down. This is normal. There is nothing wrong.
    The reason it stays on is to power chargers, for cell phones, PDA's etc...many computers have this feature.
    So, stop randomly replacing parts. There is no problem with the USB power staying on after the computer shuts off, it's designed that way.
  2. The problem is when i turn it on, it doesnt POST, the CPU LED stay lit and it goes no further.
  3. 8 pin cpu power?

    Different ram?

    Case Speaker beeps?

    Graphics card OK?
  4. Then the problem IS the motherboard. Stop pulling your hair out and buy a good motherboard, like Intel or Gigabyte.
    You have a defective chipset, just like so many others who are having problems with this manufacturer.
    Spend a few dollars more, and discover reliable computing!
    Until you install a good motherboard, you will continue to have problems. This is the reality.
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