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Alright, so I'll admit I should have looked into this better before buying my parts. Anyway, I have a 30GB SSD here, and a 1TB HDD, and I was wondering, is my SSD sufficient to install Windows 7 64bit on it (microsoft website says it requires 20GB of storage, so I'm 10GB over), or should I install it on my HDD and use Intel's Smart Response?

I've read in this forum that it's best to have the OS and apps on the SDD instead of using the Smart Response, but what if I only have space for my OS there, is it fine?

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  1. I can tell you that a 30GB SSD will fill up quickly with Windows updates.
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    30 gig is not enough. After about a year of very careful monitoring, my 60gig SSD with Windows 7 on it uses 35gig.
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